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Kloremøbel Pet Rebels Catharina 200 cm

kr6,599.00 Inkl. mva

Catharina er et flott og dekorativt kloremøbel fra Pet Rebels med hvilehule og flere hyller. Kloremøbelet er stødig, solid og høyt så katten får god oversikt over sine omgivelser. Størrelse: 200 cm/ 56 kg. Høyde: 200 cm. Farger: grey, cappuccino og cream.



Pet Rebels Kings &  Queens Cat Tree Kloremøbel Catharina

Catharina 200, the ultimate scratching post for large and heavy cats.
The scratching post series “Catharina” deserves the addition in the name just like its predecessor “The Great”. Not only in height but also great in colour, design and quality.

The box below has a thickness of 4 cm and provides very good stability. The entrance is large and beautifully formed. Beautiful colour combinations make this scratching post attractive and timeless.

Thirteen, 12 cm trunks are attached, which makes Catharina 200, as a whole, extremely stable. Catharina 200 includes 2 XL hammocks which are softly lined and a lovely sleeping basket in the middle. At the top, there is a huge, generous royal seat which provides enough overview for your Rebels.

Because of so many resting places, it will be difficult for your cat to decide where to calm down. With the luxury sleepers of 48cm, your cat has plenty of place to sleep. Due to the “royal” triangle, Catharina 200 can be used as a perfect corner model.

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Dimensjoner I/A

cappuccino, cream, grå

Størrelse Cm

120, 160, 200